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November 30, 2022

Introducing Automations

Save yourself considerable time and effort with Trak’s new Automations feature. No more manually reaching out to clients or changing job statuses, let Trak handle it all for you. 

With Automations, you can set an automatic action (i.e. sending an email or text to a client) when a certain trigger happens (i.e. quote is accepted). You can also schedule these actions to happen after a certain amount of time (i.e. change the quote status to Follow Up a week after the expiration date has passed). 

These actions are also customisable and work best when used with some of our other handy features. For example, you can set an automatic email to go out to a client when a job’s start date is coming up. You can set who this email goes to, what the email will say and with our Placeholders feature, you can even have that email be tailored to that specific job and client by automatically inserting fields like the client’s name and the job start date. 

Here are some common automations you could try out for your business:

Trigger: A quote’s expiration date is coming up → Action: Send a reminder email to client 7 days before the quote expiration

Trigger: A new job has been shared with a subcontractor → Action: Set automatic tasks for the subcontractor to complete on that job

Trigger: A quote’s status has been changed to Approved → Action: Change the job’s status to Accepted

Trigger: An invoice’s status has been changed to Paid → Action: Send a thank you email to client

Trigger: A User Booking is coming up → Action: Send an SMS letting the contact know that you will be at the job the next day

These are just some of the possible automations you could set up to help you save innumerable hours of time and streamline your business’ workflow. 

To find Automations in your Trak account, just click on your Profile in the top right corner and select Company Settings from the menu. From there, just select Automations and begin creating!

Please note that our Automations feature is only available to accounts on our Pro Plan. Our Pro Plan only costs 69 credits per month and can be turned on by going to the Subscriptions Page in-app and clicking Swap Plan underneath the Pro Plan column. 

If you would like to find out just how automations could help improve your business’ work process and save you countless hours, please feel free to reach out to us here at any time or book a free demo today.

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