Project Management

Stay in control of all your jobs. Access the information and manage your team from anywhere at any time.

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Activity Feed

See the latest updates for all of your jobs as they happen on your homepage.

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Create and allocate tasks to any team or user to help break up the workload.

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Invite subbies to join and allocate them jobs, receive in-field updates and have them complete reports & SWMS.

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Booking Form

Have clients schedule jobs directly into your Trak account.

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Receive notifications straight to your phone or computer so you never miss a job or update again.

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Set automatic emails and SMS to go out or statuses to change after a certain trigger occurs.

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Manage all your finances and payments across your business from one place.

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Create fully customisable quotes and send them directly to clients for approval from within the app.

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Generate, send out and track invoices within seconds so you never miss out on getting paid.

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Receive and record payments on the spot for any job with our payments feature.

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Have your users complete detailed timesheets so you can monitor job times and accurately work out wages.

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Job Profitability

Track how profitable a job is by collating payments, expenses, wages & more.

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Day Dockets

Create day dockets to easily quote for your daily materials, labour and equipment costs.

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Use Trak to minimise time lost to administration duties back at the office.

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Schedule your jobs and employees and view your calendar at a glance.

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Create and have employees sign off on fully customisable SWMS without having to leave the job site.

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Signature Capture

Have clients and users sign off on important documents from within the app.

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Attach files directly to jobs, quotes, invoices, reports and more.

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Create fully customisable report templates and have users complete and sign off on them on site.

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Compliance Documentation

Add licenses, certifications and qualifications against your employees and subcontractors.

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Stay in touch with clients and users and ensure no one misses a beat when it comes to any job.


Email your employees and clients directly from Trak with a unique, white-listed email address.


Text your employees and clients directly from within the app without needing your phone.

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Add notes to any job, quote, invoice or task to stay on top of a job.

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Add any relevant documents, photos or any other file directly to a job for easy access.

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Every business is different. Manage things your way with Trak's extensive customisation capabilities.

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custom fields

Add any field you need to help manage your business to your jobs, clients, timesheets and more.

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Make sure your employees and subbies only have access to the information and features that's necessary to them.

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Categorise and track the progress of jobs, quotes and more with custom statuses.

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Pre-fill text boxes in all different areas of the app with scripts.

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Data import/export

Easily import your data from files into Trak or export it into spreadsheets or to a third-party integration at no cost.

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Integrate your account seamlessly with a number of apps to help you best manage your business.

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Data Management

Manage your data through a variety of data imports, exports & API capabilities.

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