The Ultimate Job Management Tool for Subcontractor Based Businesses

See how Trak can help you effectively manage your subcontractor based business and streamline your operations.

Subcontractor Based Businesses

Running a subcontractor-based business can be tricky. And without the required systems in place, all the moving parts can fall apart. Trak simplifies the way you run your business and streamlines all processes so you can manage your subcontractors easily. With Trak, you can create a job and walk it from a lead through to an approved job. Allocate a job to your preferred subcontractor company, from here you can book their calendar and provide the necessary SWMS on the jobs you share for subcontractors to complete in-field.

Trak allows you to create and share any required reporting for contractor quality assurance and safety in the field. When your subcontractor signs into a job, you will be notified when they arrive and what their GPS coordinates are. They can upload photos and files and communicate from the site, allowing transparent job communications and control of quality assurance and safety. Trak does not charge the subcontractor to receive a job, simply pay $1 for the job you share with them.

Key Features

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With Trak's Report Builder, create custom report templates for your contractors or subcontractors to use so you can stay updated on any progression or completion of jobs. These reports can be signed, printed, downloaded, and used for a variety of functions such as on-site inductions or company-wide training.

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Safety Assurances

Complete all necessary safety and quality assurance requirements on-site with Trak. The extensive reporting feature will allow your contractors to complete risk assessments and incident reporting, perform equipment management and create safety checklists from wherever they are.

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Trak allows you to manage contractor and subcontractor certifications, licencing and accreditations in-app to ensure your contractors are compliant with regulations and can legally perform on your job sites.

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Create fully customisable Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) for high-risk jobs to ensure the safety of your contractors and them up to date with OHS laws. These SWMS can be shared with contractors and subcontractors who are already on-site for immediate approval.


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