Great New Features for Quotes & Invoices

New Features
January 25, 2021

We’ve just released a huge update to our quotes function giving you a lot more control over how they are displayed and calculated. The most noticeable change to quotes is that you can now add sections and name each one. This means that you can break the quote down for a client through sectioning parts and labour, or add a section for optional items. There have also been some changes to the appearance of invoices and the way they work - you can now invoice based on selected items or sections. The biggest change from the update is that we have now added ‘optional extras’. This means that to continue using quotes as you have been in the past, there is no extra charge. If you’d like to upgrade the feature, there will be a monthly subscription fee. For 10 job credits a month, you’ll be able to adjust your quotes by:

  • Adjusting margins on individual items
  • Adding discounts to individual items

And although sections are available for all to use, when you have the subscription, you’ll also be able to:

  • Hide sections, prices and line items
  • Hide line items quantities, unit prices, margins, discounts, subtotals, totals

If you’re interested in adding these features to your account, you can adjust the subscription directly from a quote, or on the Subscriptions Page. Or, if you’d like to view the new Quotes in action, check out our video here. Want a more personal tour of the upgrade to see how it can benefit your business? Book in a demo.

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