Pin Messages on your Dashboard

New Features
July 18, 2023

With Trak, you can now create a company wide message that can be pinned at the top of all your users Dashboards for easy announcements. To create a pinned message, simply click on your profile picture in the top right hand corner of your Trak account and click Company Settings, then Other Settings. On this page, you can create the message in the boxes under Company Message.

You can create a heading in the first box and then your message in the second box. You can also select whether you want your team to be able to dismiss the message or not by using the checkbox below.

Once created, the message will appear in a blue box at the top of all of your users' Trak Dashboards.

If you would like more inormation about this, or any of our other features, you can book in a free demo of Trak by going to

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Pin Messages on your Dashboard

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