Exciting New Upgrade to your Trade Trak SWMS

New Features
May 4, 2022

We're releasing a brand new upgrade to our Safe Work Method Statements that will improve the look and feel of our SWMS as well as bring them in line with current industry safety standards.

Please note: The new SWMS overhaul will be automatically applied to all current SWMS templates so you can keep using them without having to change anything. The method in which you create your SWMS has largely been unchanged and they are still very simple to generate and sign off on.

With our new upgrade, Trak users now have the ability to now add 'Person Responsible' to each task section. This has recently become a requirement of a fully compliant SWMS, which you can find out more about here.

This column will automatically fill with the name of the user completing the SWMS unless changed on the SWMS or by editing your current templates. In this column, you have the option to select from a dropdown list of all users on your Trak account, or can backspace the name in the box and type out whatever you need (for example, Site Supervisor) on both the Templates and the SWMS itself.

Aside from this major change, you will now be able to preview your completed SWMS before signing off on it so you can see what the completed PDF will look like. You can also now add multiple users to one SWMS, each with their own signature box as well as add both Notes and a Description of the SWMS in separate fields.

All SWMS PDF's will also receive a visual upgrade, with them now being presented in a landscape style and the layout being improved so they are less cluttered.

If you have any questions about this new upgrade or want to learn how you could use Trak's fully compliant SWMS to help protect your employees and business, contact us here.

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