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Trak and AroFlo are both web-based trade management apps. AroFlo offers two different plans with different prices and levels of access, which are AroFlo Go and AroFlo. For this comparison, we have decided to test AroFlo, which gives the largest level of access, with the option of add-ons. AroFlo's main point of competition is their Client Portal, which allows customers to make payments in their own time. Trak, however, offers the addition of subcontractors to your team at no extra cost, the SWMS template builder, and full use of documents and files, including annotations.


Feature comparison


On Trak, you pay $1 per job and get access to all of the base features on the app. On AroFlo, you need to pay $899 to set your account up, $150 per month for a pack that allows access for up to three users, an additional $50 per month for any extra active users, and finally $10 per month for any passive users, which have no access to the system themselves, only supervisors can log their jobs and timesheets.

per job
per month, plus extras

Number of Staff


Trak allows you to have an unlimited number of users at no extra cost. On AroFlo, you’re limited by your budget for each month, as each user is an additional cost.


You can add subcontractors to your account on Trak for the cost of only one job. On AroFlo, you can add contractors for an additional $10 p/m. Both apps limit the features that are accessible by subcontractors.

Customisable Permissions

Both apps allow you to adjust the permissions for users. On Trak you can create as many user groups you like and adjust the permissions for each, whereas on AroFlo, you’re able to select which features you would like a user to have access to.

Customer Portal

AroFlo has a client portal where they can make payments only, they are unable to see details about the job. Trak does not currently have this feature.

Quoting & Invoicing

Both apps allow for itemised quoting and invoicing in part or full. AroFlo also has an option for detailed quotes which include take-offs and allowances.


You can record or take payments on both apps. Trak allows you to manually enter payments such as cash, cheques and credit notes, or connect Stripe, BPAY or QuickaPay for automatic payments. AroFlo has integrations with multiple payment gateways, and also allows for manual payments. However, they do charge an extra $5 p/m for eWay and NAB gateways.


Both apps allow you to schedule users and jobs, and sync this with your external calendar. Trak also allows you to schedule custom non-job items.


On Trak you can build your own SWMS templates for users to complete when on the job site. AroFlo allows you to create Forms but it does not appear that there is any inclusion of PPE items which would make the SWMS incomplete.

Report Builder

Both apps allow you to build your own reports for your company. For AroFlo, this is referred to as Forms.


Trak allows you to attach files and images to jobs, tasks, notes, SWMS and reports. AroFlo does have this feature, but it’s an additional $29 p/m on top of all of their other charges.


On Trak you’re able to annotate all documents that are uploaded, which can be helpful for planning or note taking. AroFlo does not have this feature.


On both apps you’re able to add tasks to jobs to break up the workload.

Customisable Statuses

You can add statuses to jobs, quotes and invoices on both apps, which can be customised to suit your business in your settings.


Both apps allow you to capture signatures as a sign of approval from users or clients.

Accounting Integrations

Trak offers a one way integration with Xero, where data such as clients and invoices can be pushed to the software, and also offers data exports for MYOB. AroFlo offers accounting integrations at an extra cost on top of the monthly fees required to start your account.

Offline Access

Both apps require an internet connection to run, and as such cannot be accessed offline.

Knowledge Base

Both apps offer a number of help guides to assist you with using the software.

Support Videos

Both apps offer a series of videos to help with on training.

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Apps compared in August 2019.

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