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Trak and Buildxact are both web-based job management apps. Buildxact has three different levels of payment plans (Entry, Pro and Teams). Job management is only available for those on the Pro and Teams levels, so for the purpose of this comparison, we have chosen to review the Pro plan. Where the Buildxact app differs the most is their estimation services. While Trak has this feature, it's currently only available for Burdens customers (although keep an eye out for the expansion of this), and comes at an additional cost, whereas it's included in Buildxact. However, Trak offers greater job management features, such as the Report Builder, SWMS and greater payment options.


Feature comparison


On Trak, you pay $1 per job. With that, you have access to all of the app’s base features. Buildxact’s most popular plan (Pro) costs $249 per month.

per job
per month

Number of Staff


Trak allows for companies to add an unlimited number of users and subcontractors at no extra cost. Buildxact’s Pro plan restricts you to 2 users. Any extra are charged at an additional $69 per month.


On Trak, subbies need to have their own account and can then be added as a ‘linked company’. You can then share jobs with them and they will see the relevant information or their schedule. On Buildxact, it does not appear that you can have a subcontractor using the app.

Customisable Permissions

On Trak, you’re able to adjust the permissions for each different role, and create as many user groups as needed. Buildxact only offers the ability to adjust user access controls on their ‘Teams’ accounts, which are $399 per month.


Trak offers comprehensive job profit indicators with the ability to add margins and discounts to create an estimate. Buildxact’s estimating services are one of their major features, and use of it is included for all of their plans.

Job Profitability

Trak takes into account your job’s expenses, purchase orders, timesheet entries and quotes and invoices to give you a detailed analysis of your profitability. Buildxact also offers cost tracking and an additional feature is that this allows you to control budgets.

Quoting & Invoicing

On Trak you can create custom quotes, and once approved, turn them into an invoice within seconds. Buildxact also offers both quoting and invoicing.


Both apps allow you to take manual credit card, cash and cheque payments, and create credit notes. Trak also integrates with Stripe and BPAY so that users can take automatic payments via credit card, bank transfer, or via instalment plans. Buildxact only allows you to record payments manually and you cannot specify how it was received.


Trak allows you to easily schedule your jobs, and you’re also able to schedule non-job related items on the user calendar for events such as RDO’S or annual leave. Buildxact also allows for scheduling of jobs.


On Trak, admins are able to create custom SWMS templates for users to adjust and complete while on the job site. Buildxact does not have this feature.

Report Builder

Trak allows users to create completely custom report templates and for those to be completed on the jobsite – these could include things such as job completion reports or site checks. Buildxact does not have this feature.

File Attachments

Both apps allow users to attach files to jobs, quotes and invoices. On Trak, they can also be attached to SWMS and reports.


Trak allows users to annotate files that have been uploaded, which can include adding drawings or text onto a copy of the file. Buildxact does not appear to have this feature.


On both apps, users are able to create tasks for both users and jobs, assign them, add due dates and add reminders.

Customisable Statuses

While both apps allow you to place statuses on features such as jobs, quotes and invoices, Buildxact does not allow for these to be customised. Trak allows companies to create their own statuses and apply colours of their choosing.


On Trak, you can obtain signatures on any device for quotes, SWMS and reports and even have multiple people sign off. Buildxact does not offer this feature.

Accounting Integrations

Trak offers an automated integration with Xero, and you’re also able to export data to MYOB. Buildxact has an integration with Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks.

Mobile App

Trak has a progressive web app which can be easily added to your mobile’s home screen for easy access. Buildxact does not appear to currently have a mobile app.

Offline Access

Both apps currently only work when a user has internet access.

Knowledge Base

Trak has a series of knowledge base articles that are designed to help users to manage all aspects of the app. Buildxact also has this under their ‘FAQ’ section.

Support Videos

Both apps have a series of training videos to help users learn to use the software.

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Apps compared in October 2020.

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