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Trak and Fergus are both web-based trade management apps. Fergus has three different payment levels for their app (Free, Basic, Professional) where you pay a different fee per user depending on the access to certain features your business requires. The Fergus app's differences largely are with the accounting integrations they offer, the mobile app, and the ability to use some features offline. However, Trak offers more in the way of the Report Builder, SWMS, the ability to upload and annotate files, and create tasks.


Feature comparison


Trak charges you $1 per job, and that’s it – you have unlimited access to all of the base features on the app. Fergus charges per user, and how much they charge is based on the plan you select. On top of this base rate, there’s an additional charge of $10 per month, per timesheet user.

per job
monthly per user $10 monthly per timesheet user $3.50 DAILY per contractor

Number of Staff


For Trak, you can have an unlimited number of users and subcontractors. On Fergus, you’re restricted by the number of users that you pay for.


Trak allows you to add subcontractors to your account for just the one-time cost of $1. Fergus allow you to add contractors, but at a cost of $3.50 per day.

Customisable Permissions

On Trak you can create as many user groups as you like, and set the permissions for each of these groups. Fergus allows you to set an individual user’s permissions when creating or editing their account.

Customer Portal

Neither app offers a customer portal at this time.

Quoting & Invoicing

Trak and Fergus allow you to build quotes, automatically turn these into invoices or build them from scratch. Both even have the ability to itemize them or create partial invoices.


Both apps allow you to manually record payments, or to accept and process credit card payments online.


On both apps, you’re able to schedule jobs, users and subcontractors.


On Trak you’re able to build custom SWMS compliant templates and have users fill them out quickly on the job. Fergus has a feature that allows you to log on-site hazards, but this is not available on the Basic plan.

Report Builder

Trak allows you to build reports from scratch that are custom for your business (e.g. job completion reports). Fergus does not have this feature.

File Attachment

Trak lets users add files to any job, quote, invoice, SWMS, reports and more on the app. Fergus does not offer this feature on the Basic plan.


All files that are uploaded to Trak can also be annotated, which can be useful for in-the-field planning. Fergus does not have this feature.

Notice Board

Fergus allows you to share notices with the whole team on a notice board. Trak does not have this feature but does offer an activity feed where you can see the latest information regarding jobs you’ve been added to.

GPS Locator

Trak allows users to sign in and out of jobs, which uses a GPS signal to pinpoint the users location at that time and also adds timesheet entries. Fergus has a feature that allows you to track a user’s location on a map.


Tasks can be used to break up the workload on jobs, or just for your personal use at work on the Trak app. On Fergus, tasks aren’t available for Basic users.


Both apps allow you to add statuses to jobs. Trak also permits users to add statuses to other features such as quotes and invoices.

Customisable Statuses

Trak users can create customisable statuses for their company. Fergus only allows users to use their default statuses.


On Trak, all users can sign off from the one device, which allows clients or non-app users to add their signature to documents. Sign-offs on Fergus are an add-on feature and come at an extra cost of $50 or $100, depending on the size of your team.

Accounting Integrations

Fergus currently offers accounting integrations with MYOB and Xero. Trak offers a one way integration with Xero, where data such as clients and invoices can be pushed to the software, and also offers data exports for MYOB.

Mobile App

Fergus offers both Apple and Android users a mobile app to manage their jobs on the go. Trak is a progressive web app that can be easily added to your home screen for quick access.

Offline Acess

On the mobile app, Fergus allows for limited function while offline. Their web app does not without an internet connection, which is the same for Trak.

Knowledge Base

Both apps offer help guides which assist users with using the software.

Support Videos

Both Trak and Fergus offer a series of instructional videos which are designed to help users gain an understanding of the app. For Trak, these can be found with the relevant help article.

Live Support

Both apps offer live support for customers. Fergus also has three different phone numbers for Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

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Apps compared in February 2022.

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