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Trak and NextMinute are both comprehensive job management apps, however Trak encompasses all service-based businesses while NextMinute is aimed at the construction industry. NextMinute offers different levels of access for Admins and Users with costs different across both, so we will be looking at Admin level users as they have full access to all features. While NextMinute offers a lot of similar features to Trak such as job profitability reports and quoting & invoicing, it does offer some unique features such as their Gantt Chart planning and job templates. However, Trak offers features such as the Report Builder, SWMS, Subcontractors and more which NextMinute does not.


Feature comparison


On Trak, you pay $1 per job and that's it. With that, you have access to all of the app’s base features. NextMinute charges you per user, with Admin level users costing $59 per user and regular users costing $19 per user.

per job
per user

Number of Staff


Both Trak and NextMinute offer an unlimited number of users to be added, however on Trak there is no cost to adding users while on NextMinute you will have to pay per user.


Trak allows you to add an unlimited number of subcontractors who can log onto the app and see the relevant job information or their schedule. While NextMinute does not label them as subcontractors, they have Team Members which function in a similar manner to Trak's subcontractors.

Customisable Permissions

Both Trak and NextMinute offer a wide range of user permissions as well as the ability to create custom user groups to easily manage which users can access certain features.

Job Profitability

On Trak and NextMinute, you have access to extensive job profitability reports and statistics to give you a holistic view of your costs against your profits on a job. On NextMinute, they call this feature Back Costing.

Quoting & Invoicing

Both platforms offer users the ability to create quotes and invoices for any job and send them directly to clients from within the app.

Report Builder

On Trak, users can create fully customisable reports from scratch for anything you may need to help manage your business. NextMinute currently does not offer any customisable reporting feature.


Trak allows you to create fully customisable SWMS templates so your employees & contractors can read & sign off on all safety matters easily on site. NextMinute does not have any SWMS or safety functionality.

Gantt Chart

On NextMinute, your jobs and tasks are able to be easily planned through a well laid-out Gantt Chart feature. Trak currently does not offer a Gantt Chart, however it is feature we are looking into implementing in the near future.

In-App Payments

Trak allows you to take manual credit card, cash and cheque payments for jobs and create custom credit notes. Trak also integrates with Stripe and BPay for automatic transactions. NextMinute does not have any payment-receiving functionality.


Both apps have comprehensive scheduling functionality such as the ability to schedule users to jobs, schedule recurring jobs and schedule tasks for users.


Both apps allow you create tasks and assign them to users, as well as planning times and dates for completion to make job management easy.

Customisable Statuses

Trak & NextMinute offer fully customisable statuses for jobs, quotes and invoices so you can clearly indicate what stage they are at.

Accounting Integrations

Trak offers an automated integration with Xero, and you’re also able to export data to MYOB. NextMinute also offers a direct integration with Xero and MYOB.

Mobile App

Trak is a progressive web app that can be added to mobile home screens and has full mobile functionality. NextMinute currently offers both a web app and native mobile apps available on IOS and Android.


Both apps allow you to manage your staff's time and organise pay based off hours worked. You can also integrate your timesheets with accounting software for easy employee management on either app.

Knowledge Base

Trak has step-by-step articles that guide you through the app’s features. NextMinute also has an extensive knowledge base.


Both apps have in-app support chat features and a library of videos to help navigate your way around the app to get the most use out of the platform.

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Apps compared in February 2022.

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