5 More Lead Generation Tips for Tradies

Back in January 2021, we wrote a blog that gave 5 ways tradies could increase their lead generation so they can help grow their business and ensure they have a constant stream of new, quality leads coming through which you can read here. Since lead generation is such an important part of any trade business and there are constantly new ways of reaching new potential customers, we’ve written this guide on 5 more tips that could help your business grow its customer base and reach the widest possible audience.

  1. Referrals

Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth marketing! The one thing any potential customer will trust more than any positive online review, great ad or slick website is a recommendation from a friend. There’s two ways to go about using referrals for your business; affiliate marketing and referral seeking.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves getting in touch with any agencies or companies who can get you in touch with potential clients. These can include companies such as real estate agencies, schools, or agencies that specialise in referrals. Of course, these companies will expect a small kickback for their referrals but this is a small price to pay for constant leads.

Referral Seeking

Referral seeking involves offering your customers an incentive for passing on a good word about your business to their acquaintances. It doesn’t have to be offering them money, even just a small gift or a discount on your services for them. This is a great way to get new leads while strengthening the relationship you have with existing clients.

  1. Trade Job Apps

If your business isn’t up to date with the latest technology, then you will fall behind. Simple as that. Just like our app can help you manage your business, other apps, such as Spetz, can help you get quality leads. These apps have two sides, one is trade businesses advertising their offerings and the other is customers looking for a trade to help with work.

For instance, with Spetz, you can set what times you are available and what areas you service and it will automatically connect you with customers looking for work in that area at those times. If your business isn’t on these apps, you will find yourself falling behind your more tech-savvy competitors.

  1. Emails

Emails are a great way to reach your existing customer base as well as targeting new potential customers. Emails are direct to the customer, can be easily personalised and are among the easier forms of marketing.

We’d highly recommend using Email Marketing software such as Mailerlite or Mailchimp to create highly customisable emails that stand out from the usual drab and can be targeted and analysed to see what’s working rather than just throwing everything at the wall and hoping it will stick. This way you can create audience segments, send bulk emails with placeholders so they seem personalised and add different layouts. 

Not only can emails be used to highlight special offers or directly contact existing customers, they’re also a good opportunity to send out newsletters or show off your previous work so you can sway someone who was previously on the fence to give you a call about your services.

  1. Videos

Proud of the work you deliver? You should be! And what better way to show it off than with a video. One way to stand out from your competition and reach new customers is to reinforce your brand and a good way to do this while showing off your work is with a video.

Take videos of your work, your team, your clients giving good recommendations. These don’t have to be high quality, Steven Spielberg-esque productions. Just a quick video from your phone will do the trick. You can use these videos on your website, in your emails, on your social media and especially on a Youtube or Vimeo channel. A potential customer is much more likely to trust your business if they can see your work in progress or get to know your team.

  1. Branded Clothing

In our previous Lead Generation post, we mentioned that on-site and vehicle signage is a great way to show off your brand, look professional and have your company in the forefront on site. What we failed to mention is that branded clothing is just as important. 

Clothing with your logo and company name on it, whether it’s just a hat or the whole get-up, is a great way to use passive marketing and reach new customers. One thing you may notice, particularly in Australia, is how many tradies wear their work gear outside of work hours and wear it pretty much anywhere. If you give your workers well fitted-quality workwear with your branding on it, they’ll not only look great on-site but also more than likely at the shops or the pub. They’ve just become an unintentional brand ambassador and all it took was a comfy shirt.

Not only can you give this to your employees, but also handing out branded gear at trade shows or to clients could see other people become a walking billboard for your company.

Hopefully you can implement one or more of these tips to help grow your business and, as always, Trak will be here to help you manage all these new leads you get. We’ve also partnered up with Spetz to provide Trak users with an opportunity to get into contact with quality customers and as a special deal, Trak users who sign up for Spetz get $200 of free credits to go towards new service calls. Find out more about this offer here.

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