App Interface Changes in June 2020

Product Updates
June 5, 2020

Creating SWMS and using SWMS templates

Creating a SWMS used to have three options, and on mobile was quite hard to tell which button to press for which item. These three buttons have been merged into one new button, with all functionality now available in the one create screen. Press Copy From to copy an existing SWMS, or press Add Template to load in one or more SWMS templates.

Old Mobile SWMS Buttons:

old mobile swms button

New Mobile SWMS Buttons:

new mobile swms button
copy form template

Old Desktop SWMS Buttons:

old desktop swms buttons

New Desktop SWMS Buttons:

new desktop swms buttons
desktop add from template

Files uploader

We've done a slight re-jig to the files uploaded design. Previously, all files had to have the same name, description and folder. The new uploader hides these settings behind Edit Details button and allows the these files to be set for each file, as well as being able to share to sub-jobs (if applicable).

Old File Uploader

old file uploader

New File Uploader

new file uploader

Job action bar

Edit job, add users and sign on buttons have been redesigned. This means that although they will now appear differently, they're more visible in jobs and a more user-friendly size.

Old Mobile Function Buttons:

old job action bar for mobile

New Mobile Function Buttons:

new job action bar for mobile

Old Desktop Function Buttons:

old job action bar for desktop

New Desktop Function Buttons:

New job action bar for desktop

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Product Updates
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