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September 13, 2021

Throughout the year, we’ve released two optional paid add-ons; first was our advanced quoting features, and more recently we’ve launched the option to upgrade your Report Builder. This is as a result of our conscious effort to avoid moving to a pay-per-month or pay-per-user payment structure, and keep our costs as low as possible for businesses, particularly during the pandemic.

While all base features are still available for $1 per job, these two add-ons give you greater control over your document’s appearances - and you’re now able to trial both for two weeks for free.

Once the trial is activated, you can use the features risk-free. There’s no auto-renewal after the two weeks, and no obligation to subscribe if you find the features are not useful for your business. After the trial period has ended, you’ll receive an email alerting you of this, and you’ll be given the option to subscribe - otherwise, you can always do it from the Subscriptions settings page.

Our Quotes add-on allows you to:

  • Adjust margins on individual items.
  • Add discounts to individual items.
  • Hide sections, prices and line items from PDFs.
  • Hide line items quantities, unit prices, margins, discounts, subtotals and totals from PDFs.

Our Reports add-on allows you to:

  • Add GPS locations to your report.
  • Create tables for data entry.
  • Hide questions from the PDF if they’ve not been answered.
  • Make questions dependent on certain responses.

Following your free trial, each add-on is only 10 job credits a month ($10 + GST) and can be cancelled at any time. To claim your free trials, go here and then click 'Free Trial'. Please note that only one trial per add-on is available for each business.

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