Export your SimPRO Data & Import it into Trade Trak

Are you a SimPRO user who is looking for an alternative for all your job management needs? Then Trak could be the perfect alternative for you. Our comprehensive job management app is easy to use, comes with a wide variety of features such as quoting & invoicing, timesheets, reports and SWMS, and to top it all off, only costs $1 per job! However, if you are hesitant about switching job management platforms due to potentially losing all the data you have on your current SimPRO account, you don’t need to worry. SimPRO has an export feature that can gather important data on your account and turn it into CSV files. These CSV files can then be seamlessly imported into Trak so you won’t have to lose all your jobs data. To export certain data from SimPRO, go into the ‘Utilities’ menu and from there, select ‘Export’. When choosing your export type, select ‘CSV’ and this will export your data into spreadsheets. After you have chosen your options and clicked export, your CSV file will be downloaded onto your device. Once you have exported your data, you can then import it into Trak. Firstly, you will have to format the CSV file so it matches the fields in the Trak system. To do this, simply follow our comprehensive guides on formatting which you can find here:

When the files are properly formatted, you can easily upload the file to the corresponding area depending what type of data it is (eg. products, clients, suppliers, etc.). Our guides can once again walk you through this process:

If you require your full SimPRO database, and not just components like clients or products, to be transferred across, you will have to contact a SimPRO representative. At the time of writing this blog, we have been informed that they charge a one-off fee of $180 + GST to process the extraction, plus $30 + GST for the USB storage device and postage to extract your whole database.We can then import this data into Trak, carrying across all the significant features of every job such as:

  • Job Name
  • Job Status
  • Start + End Date
  • Job Description
  • Client Details
  • Job location
  • Notes
  • Files
  • Quotes
  • Invoices
  • Product Orders

If you would like this data imported into your Trak account, contact us and we can send you a custom quote depending on the amount of jobs and other data you require imported. While we normally charge $1 per job, we offer a reduced rate for bulk jobs and data so you’re not left significantly out of pocket just for searching for a more suitable SimPRO alternative. If you would like to know more about whether switching from SimPRO to Trade Trak would be suitable for your business, or if you would like us to complete your data transfer to save you the stress, contact us anytime here or email us at contact@trak.co. Want to see how Trak compares to SimPRO and where we differentiate? Visit our SimPRO comparison page to see the full rundown.

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