From Trade Trak to Trak: Why we decided to rebrand

Product Updates
September 5, 2022

We're excited to announce that we have officially rebranded. Say hello to Trak!

While we're sad to see the original Trade Trak branding go, we made the decision to embrace change and give our platform a new name and look.

Don't worry! Nothing will change for our users apart from having to get used to a new logo in the corner of the app and a fresh new facelift on our website. Everything else is the same Trade Trak you know and love.

The main reason for the change is that we've found that more and more non-trade based service businesses are using and loving Trade Trak and as such, we don't want to risk potential new users missing out simply because they think our platform can only benefit tradies by our name.

Another reason for the change is that we're also growing as a business and looking at expanding into international markets so we can deliver our comprehensive platform to as many people as possible. As many other countries don't use the same terminology as Aussies, we're bringing the brand down to basics so that everyone can understand what we offer.

While we're changing and growing in a positive way, we will never forget our roots and all the trade businesses that have been our foundation. That's why our new Trak logo is made up of two T's (for Trade Trak) placed together.

If you have any questions surrounding this change, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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