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Product Updates
July 7, 2020

At Trak, our team works around the clock to upgrade the existing app, and develop new features to make it even better with each update. While these changes may not always be obvious to all users, behind the scenes we are releasing critical fixes as needed, bug fixes weekly and updates every other week or similar. Although we complete a lot of testing prior to releasing any updates, occasionally we miss some bugs (which you can report at any time by using the chat feature within the app). We understand that as a user, this can be frustrating, so from now on, here’s where you’ll be able to get notified when we update the app:

  • Changelog: We list all changes to the app in the change log. This is usually done within a business day of the app being updated and can be accessed at any time here, or by clicking the changelog button at the bottom right of your screen when on Trak on desktop, or by opening the hamburger menu on mobile. If the changelog has been updated, you’ll notice a number next to the button alerting you to the amount of changes that have been made.
  • Facebook: We will now be posting a brief announcement on our Facebook page prior to making any updates, including what features you can expect to see changes to. To keep up to date with the app, like the page here. You can also adjust your settings so that our posts appear first in your news feed, or to get post notifications. Check the video here to see how this can be done.  
  • Monthly Emails: Each month we’ll be sending out emails to keep our users informed on what’s changed on the app (if anything), what we’ve been working on, and what will be released soon. It will provide a more in-depth description of what is announced on the Facebook page.

Thank you for your continued support using the app. If you’d like to see what we’re working on or what we’ve got planned, check our Coming Soon page on the Trak website. Or, if you have any feature suggestions, get in touch with us by

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