Get Your Estimations Through The Burdens Portal!

Burdens Updates
May 22, 2020

Creating estimations for your clients can be a time-consuming process, but Trak’s latest feature will save you the hassle. As a Burdens customer, you now have the ability to request low-cost, and most importantly, accurate estimates for your roofing jobs.

An option has now been added to The Burdens Portal to get a roofing estimate that’s convenient, low-cost and most importantly, accurate. In order to create the estimation, we use our standard flashing profiles which you can find here.

The entire process is designed to free up your time, and should take you no longer than a few minutes. All that you’re required to do is upload a copy of your plans that you would like estimated, answer a few simple questions, and submit. Once the estimate has been created, you’ll receive it via email within two business days.

Roofing estimates made through The Portal cost $50+ GST which are added to your account balance with Burdens. As a thank you for using the service, if your job is approved and you place the order for materials through Burdens, you’ll be credited the $50+ GST. Further details can be found in the PDF here.

For more information on the estimation services, get in touch with your local Burdens store manager.  

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