How Going Paperless will Boost Business

Have you been dreaming of a workplace without paper? Job management apps such as Trak are making it easier for this to become a reality for you. Not only is it better for the environment, but it’s better for business.

Boost Productivity

Save yourself from spending countless hours back at the office slaving over manual invoices, job notes, or trying to find that one quote in a pile of hundreds. Instead, use premade templates to have invoices ready and sent off to the customer in just a matter of seconds. Keep track of payments, notes, and attachments all in the one place with job management systems like Trak.  Storing all your documents in one system not only means they will no longer go walkabouts, but you and your whole team can access them at any time. This will save you from trudging back to the office if important files are left at the office, or save you further admin time if documents are lost or damaged.

Boost Accuracy

After a long day of work, the last thing you want to be doing is invoices. So maybe they get left until the end of the week, or until Monday morning even. By this point, you might be struggling to remember what materials you used on a particular job, let alone how many hours you spent working on it. If you digitally record all completed work on the job or invoice on the spot, not only will you be saving time in the future, but you and your customer both can rest assured they have been billed accurately.

Boost Profitability

We’ve heard many stories about small trade business owners who aren’t entirely sure if they’re making a profit on their jobs. By using job management software, you can easily keep track of your business expenses. Quote exact amounts for goods and services, and monitor which jobs have been invoiced, paid or are outstanding. To ensure that you never go unpaid for a job, have customers sign invoices at the site, or set up automatic reminders to go out before bills are due.

Boost Professionalism

Sometimes handing a customer a scrappy piece of paper with numbers scrawled over it just doesn’t quite cut it. Customising your quote and invoice templates to include your company’s logo, colours and contact details will add a level of professionalism to every job. As the documents generally auto-populate with data previously entered about the job, all you need to do is enter the items you’re quoting for, and forward it onto the customer all before you’ve even left the job site.If you need more information on how using Trak can help to boost your business, feel free to get in contact with us here.

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