How to Tactfully Track Your Team

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October 15, 2019

As a business owner, as much as you would like to be, you can’t be everywhere at once. This means that you have to put total trust in your employees to be arriving and leaving the job site on time, and that they’re actually working during these hours. If you have an employee that you have your doubts about, providing them with this trust can be a hard ask.

When monitoring your employees, it’s a fine line between showing the interest of the company, and appearing like an overbearing boss. No employee wants their boss breathing down their neck and checking in every hour. This shows a clear lack of trust, creates an unhealthy work environment and can lead to a fractured relationship between you and your employees.

Lucky for you, Trak’s come up with a solution to help you with monitoring your employees, without the need for purchasing and implementing Big Brother-style tracking strategies into your business. Now, when your workers arrive at the site, all they need to do is press the GPS Locator button on the job in Trak. By doing this, the user’s precise location is logged against the job, as well as the time and coordinates. This will appear in the job’s feed and the activity feed with the user’s location pinpointed on a map. To access an interactive version of the map in Google, all you need to do is click on View Larger Map. The data from all GPS check-ins can even be exported!

On top of this, Trak also uses this data to automatically create timesheet entries for the user. After pressing the GPS Locator button, the exact sign on time is added as a note underneath the job’s title on the timesheet entry - all the user needs to do is to add an end time.

It’s simple, all you need to do is ask your workers to check in as soon as they get to the job site, and when they’re leaving. That way, you know what hours they’re actually working and can still maintain a level of trust and respect.

If you haven’t yet signed up for Trak, you can do this here and receive 5 job credits for free to help get you started. Not only does it give you access to features such as the GPS Locator and Timesheets, but you can also use it for full job management, including quoting and invoicing, SWMS and reports, and much more.

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