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July 10, 2020

One of the most useful and unique features of Trak is the ability to add in your own SWMS templates so that they’re ready for use on the jobsite. We’ve discussed the importance of SWMS in a blog previously, however, following the introduction of the new industrial manslaughter offences on the 1st of July, the repercussions for not completing a SWMS prior to commencing high risk construction work could now be even more severe. If you’re not already using SWMS it’s time to start - and we’re making it even easier for you.

Having your SWMS templates on Trak means that they’re accessible at any time, are stored conveniently under your job, and can be shared or printed in seconds. However, we understand that finding time to enter your SWMS manually can be difficult, and for some businesses it’s put off or put in the “too hard” basket, meaning they’re not using the app to it’s full potential.

To combat this issue, and to eliminate unnecessarily detailed or lengthy documents, Trak has launched the in-app SWMS Store - a library which contains over 50 templates, available for purchase now. The store can be found under your company’s Template Settings, or by clicking here. You can also watch this video to see where the store is located.

Each SWMS costs $20.00 and is charged to the card that’s linked to your account (this can be updated here). The SWMS is then instantly added to your account, ready for use, although we do recommend you have a member of your OH&S team review whether the item is appropriate for your workplace and complies with current codes relevant to your location and trade.

Once purchased, you’re able to edit the SWMS template and add PPE items here.

We also offer custom packages for businesses that require large numbers of SWMS. To arrange this at a discounted rate, email:

Click here to check out the Trak blog for more articles.

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