July 2020 Update

Product Updates
August 3, 2020

Over the month of July, the Trak team was kept incredibly busy. This involved releasing four updates throughout the month, which included a number of new features and changes to the way the app works. Last month, on top of bug fixes, we added:

The SWMS Store

Trak users now have the ability to purchase SWMS templates from within the app. Templates are available from the SWMS Store at a flat rate of $20 per item, which is charged to the card that’s linked on your account. Once purchased, they’re instantly added to your account for use, although we do still recommend having a member of your OH&S team reviewing each template to ensure they’re compliant and relevant for your business. You can visit the SWMS Store here.

Burdens Material Order Templates

For our Burdens customers, ordering from your local store has been made even easier as users are now able to use default Material Order templates, which are created using commonly ordered items. These include:

  • DWV Template
  • Wet Tapping
  • Fit Off
  • Subfloor Rough In
  • Procrimp Rough In

To use these, simply click on ‘Create a Material Order’ on The Portal, and on the creation page, you’ll see the option to ‘Select a Template’ in the top right corner.

New Notifications Settings

After feedback from a number of different businesses, we decided to add a couple of extra notification settings. You’re now able to update your settings, so that notifications can be received once a user has completed a report. The notifications can be turned on or off for any combination of the following:

  • All admins
  • All supervisors
  • Specific users

You can change your settings on the Job Notifications page.

New PPE Item

We’ve added Sun Protection as a default PPE item for all Trak users. This item appears to be commonly used by many trades businesses in their external SWMS templates. If our PPE items still aren’t suitable for your business, you can edit the default ones or create your own on the SWMS PPE settings page.


On top of the new features mentioned above, we also updated a number of pre-existing features to make them even more functional. Updates were made to: The User Calendar

  • ‘+’ buttons were added to each hour on day view, making it even easier to schedule items
  • Added a filter for ‘Job’ to help narrow results
  • We’ve added the job status to the calendar

Company Owner

  • This can now be reassigned when editing a user.


  • After numerous customer requests, we’ve added the ability to edit previously completed reports.


  • The approval process is now customisable. Your company is able to toggle on and off the need for signature approval, we added a new notes field which can be prefilled, and other fields are now editable.

If you’d like to keep up to date on our changes as they happen during August, you can do this by:

  • Liking us on Facebook. We post statuses prior to updating the app, so that you can know what to expect.
  • Check our changelog. It’s updated within a business day of changes being made to the app.
  • Or, look out for our email and blog at the start of next month

Click here to check out the Trak blog for more articles.

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