Managing Subcontractors on Trak

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February 11, 2022

Finding it difficult to schedule, manage, organise and communicate with the subcontractors your business works with? Whether you’re dealing with regular subbies or a revolving door of new faces, it can be a real headache to keep your operation running smoothly. Luckily, Trak is here to help!

With our in-depth subcontractor feature, you can have full control over the end-to-end process of a subcontractor from any location as outlined below:

Access Levels

You have complete control over what level of access you would like your subbies to have to your Trak account. You can make sure that they can only see what is relevant to them on any given job.


Once you have linked a subbie to your account, you can assign them to any job you like. From the Job Calendar, you can see if they are currently on a job or are free to be added to a new job where needed. 


Create a list of tasks for your subbies to complete on a job. Once a task is completed, you will be notified and any update they make on the job will appear in the job activity feed.

Reports & SWMS

Subbies can complete any SWMS or relevant reports such as inductions or risk assessments using templates you have created. These can be completed on-site by the subbie and will be stored on the job so you always have a record. 

Notes & Files

While on a job, your subbies can leave notes about anything they might want to update you on as well as upload files such as site photos or relevant forms. This functionality works both ways as you can leave notes or files for the subbies to access so you can maintain strong communication with them while off-site.

GPS Sign In & Out

To ensure you have peace of mind that your subbies are where they should be at the right time, when they sign in or out of a job, they will be time stamped and a GPS location of where they were when they did this will be shown.

With all these features, managing your subcontractors becomes a breeze. And all this can be done remotely so you can manage them completely from your office or your home! Simply go to the ‘People’ menu and select ‘Subcontractors’ and then use the ‘Invite Subcontractor’ button to get them onto Trak and fully equipped for your job site today.

If you would like to find out more about our subcontractor process and how it could help your business, or just about Trak in general, contact us or book a free demo with one of our Trak representatives.

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