Saving Time and Money with Timesheets

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September 10, 2019

While many tradies have already made the switch to take their businesses online with job management software, timesheets are often sadly forgotten in this process. If your company is using them (and regularly), you’re a step ahead of the rest. However, keeping a digital log of employee’s hours not only helps to increase efficiency, but can also save you time and money!

Keeping paper timesheets only exposes your business to a number of problems. Aside from the obvious issues like lost or damaged sheets, workers often forget to enter their daily start and end time, and wait until the end of the week or pay day to add their hours. This can result in inaccurate entries, which not only affects your payroll, but also limits your ability to track your job costs. It’s an important issue to address for all businesses, but absolutely crucial for those that pay employees by the hour. With so many options available now, it’s hard to see why companies don’t make the switch to record timesheet entries online.

Trak’s latest feature helps solve these issues! With Trak, users can now submit weekly timesheets for approval. Entries can be assigned to jobs, or added as “non-job” items such as RDO’s, trade school, annual or personal leave, or public holidays. When adding entries, users also have the option to record overtime hours worked. The app even monitors your activity throughout the week and self-populates information about jobs you were scheduled for. Once submitted, admins can approve or edit employees timesheet entries. They can also set up reminders so that users never forget to add their hours.

Each employee’s pay rate can be set in the app, as well as two different overtime rates, and users can add hours for any of their rates when sending timesheet entries off for approval. This means that timesheet hours are automatically added as expenses to the relevant jobs once they have been approved. With Trak, you can also automatically track labour costs on jobs simply by using the timesheet feature.

Haven’t signed up for Trak yet? You can join for free here and get 5 job credits to get you started. After that, it’s just $1 per job - there’s no monthly fees or costly add-ons.

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