September 2020 Update

Product Updates
October 1, 2020

Once again, September was a big month at Trak. Throughout the month, we released four updates to the app, including a number of new integrations and upgraded features. On top of regular bug fixes, here’s what was new in September:



The QuickaPay integration makes getting paid even easier. You can now offer your clients the option to pay via credit card or through 10 week instalment plans, at no risk to your business. QuickaPay pay you upfront for the full amount (up to $20,000), which means if your client stops making payments, it’s in their hands. You can find out more about the integration here.


Trade Trak users now have another option to receive payment from clients in an easy and secure manner via the new BPAY integration.To get your Biller Code, get in touch with your bank. Once you’ve received it, simply enter it on your company’s Integration Settings page on Trade Trak.

bpay preview in app

New Features

Sign Offs

Although Trak users have had the ability to sign on to jobs and log their location via GPS for quite some time, a frequent request was to add an additional button to sign off. We’ve listened to our customers and added this in! The sign off button only appears once a user has signed onto the job, and will show the update in the activity feed. Your sign on and sign off times are also reflected as start and end times on your timesheet - however, if a user forgets to sign off, the app will make the entry 8 hours by default.

job sign offs

Recurring Jobs

After a number of requests for this feature, users now have the ability to make their jobs recurring. You can specify the frequency of each job and set an end date (or leave it running) through the calendar picker or by the number of recurrences. Each recurrence costs one job credit.

recurring jobs

Alternative Email Address

At the start of the month, we rejigged Company Profile Settings slightly and added an extra option for Billing Email. This means that your company can enter an email address that will appear on things such as quotes and invoices, allowing clients to get in touch, and a different email address that will receive items receipts for purchases made on your account (e.g. for credits or for SWMS and Report templates. If you’re interested in keeping up-to-date with Trak, you can follow us on our Facebook page to find out when updates are going to happen. We also post on the Changelog within a business day of updates going live. If you have any feature suggestions, you can send them through

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