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January 27, 2022

At Trak, we are proud to announce that we have partnered with Voltex Electrical Accessories! This means that you can now get all your Voltex product price lists exported in a file that you can easily import into Trak.

Voltex Electrical Accessories is an Australian electrical and data direct-to-contractor online supplier with a comprehensive range of high quality products which they supply directly to Australia's electricians. With their competitive prices and reliable goods, they are a fantastic choice for any electrical contractor looking for great products. The best bit is now you can have these products as an easy-to-add option for your Product Orders, Material Orders and quoting in Trak.

For current Voltex & Trak users, simply log into your Voltex account and go into the Pricebook menu. Simply click the download button underneath the Trak logo and you will have a fully formatted Voltex price list in a CSV format. Then, on your Trak account, go into the Products menu, select ‘Import’ and upload the CSV file in the ‘CSV File’ box. Then simply match the headings to the corresponding boxes on the right and you will have a current list of Voltex products with prices in your account.

If you have previously uploaded your Voltex products and wish to update it to their current prices, simply follow the steps outlined before, but also make sure to tick the box on the Import page labelled ‘Update products with the same SKU’. 

If you would like to know more about Voltex and their great range of products, you can visit their website here. Alternatively, if you’re a Voltex user and you would like to have their products available in a job management system where you can easily create orders and quotes, then sign up for Trak or book a demo to see how our system could help save you time and money.

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