Why Your Company's Online Presence Matters

Have you been resisting taking your company online? You’re not alone. Many trades businesses have been slow to embrace the digital revolution, but this could be affecting business. Here’s why your company needs to break free from this mould…

See what people are saying about you

Reviewing companies online is quick, free, and seen by a large audience. If you’ve been struggling to get jobs, make sure to check out your reviews as this is often the first place potential customers go before booking with a business. Fingers crossed they’re great, but if there happen to have been a couple of disgruntled customers leaving feedback, don’t fret. Make sure you’re responding to less than favourable reviews (as well as the good ones!), and offer customers clarification or possible solutions. It may boil down to simple miscommunication, and the customer might change or remove their review entirely as a result of your response. If not, at the very least potential customers can see your concern and that you actively tried to rectify the situation. If your issue is that there are no reviews online, this is an easier fix. Get in the habit of asking happy customers to leave positive reviews online, either on Google (if you’ve signed up for a Google My Business account) or social media pages, and watch as the jobs flood in.

Reach a wider audience

Every man and his dog is now on social media. Literally, people now make Instagram pages for their dogs. Social media is now a necessity for businesses to stay relevant, but the bonus of this is that it opens your company up to a whole new audience. Keeping up active social media accounts is a way for past, present and potential customers to get in contact with you, and receive updates about your business. By using Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (just to name a few), your company will stay fresh in people’s minds, and maybe next time they have a burst pipe they’ll remember your name! If you’re unsure about how well social media will integrate with your business, have a read of our more in-depth blog here, otherwise do a bit of research, check out how your competitors market themselves online or consider speaking to a social media specialist.

Let customers try before they buy

Social media has made our society incredibly focused on visuals. It’s important that your customers get to see examples of past jobs so that they know what’s in store if they choose your services. Whether this is through Facebook, Instagram, or your own personal website, posting high-quality photos regularly will not only show that you’re proud of your work, but is sure to increase the number of jobs coming your way. Set aside a few minutes a day to focus on responding to customers online queries, sharing something they might appreciate, and checking that your reviews. Remember that your digital presence is a direct reflection of your company, so keep it clean, professional, and friendly - business is sure to thrive!

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