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Both Trak and SimPRO originated as web apps, however, SimPRO has expanded to include a mobile app. SimPRO has two different levels of plans for businesses, which are Enterprise and Corporate. For this article, we have compared the Corporate edition. Note: This comparison was originally started in March, 2019 but has since been updated. SimPRO has removed pricing from their website so what is shown should only be used as a guide. Trak is not affiliated with SimPRO and we cannot guarantee that you will receive these prices for their software. For reference, the Enterprise edition was priced at $129 per month, per office user and $39 per month, per field user. One of SimPRO’s biggest competitive points is their mobile app, which provides users with the option of offline access. Their users also benefit from the customer portal and estimating tools. However, Trade Trak allows for adding subcontractors to your account, signature capture and completely custom site-specific SWMS. If you're interested in moving from SimPRO, we offer a feature that allows you to import your jobs directly from your account to Trak.


Feature comparison


Trak charges only $1 per job. For SimPRO Corporate users, it’s $249 per month, per office user. On top of that, you’ll pay an extra $39 per month per field user.

per job
per month, per office user

Number of Staff


On Trak, you’re able to have an unlimited number of users and subcontractors. With SimPRO, you’re restricted by your budget.


Both SimPRO and Trak allow you to add subcontractors. While SimPRO lets you add them to a job that they can view and add notes to, Trade Trak allows subcontractors to allocate jobs, complete jobs and also upload files and notes.

Customisable Permissions

On Trak, you can add users to as many different user groups as you like, and limit their access to certain features on the app. The permission settings for these groups can also be customised. On SimPRO, there are security group permissions.

Customer Portal

SimPro’s customer portal allows clients to view their jobs, quotes and account statements, as well as providing them with the opportunity to edit their details and the site and contact details. Trak does not currently have a customer portal.

Quoting & Invoicing

Both apps allow you to create quotes and invoices to be sent to customers.

Partial Invoices

On both apps, you’re able to create partial invoices and bill by percentage, dollar value, by items and can add credit notes.


Both SimPRO and Trak allow you to record manual payments made via cash, card, cheques and bank transfer. Trak also allows you to link Stripe or BPAY to take automatic payments while SimPRO utilises Square.


Under SimPRO’s form builder feature, users are able to create estimates for jobs. Trak allows you to create estimates by adding profit margins, factoring in discounts and more.


On both apps, users are able to schedule jobs and users. You’re also able to change the view of the calendar by day, week, month or by user.


Trak gives users the opportunity to create site specific safe work method statements. They can be created as templates to complete at a later date, or designed from scratch on the spot. SimPRO has no function that allows you to create site specific, valid SWMS.

Report Builder

Trak allows users to create completely custom reports such as job completion and white card reports, which can even be signed off by users or clients. It appears that SimPRO also has something similar.

File Attachments

Both apps allow users to attach files to certain features within the software. On SimPRO, they can be attached to quotes, invoices, jobs and tasks whereas on Trak, you’re able to attach to these, as well as SWMS, reports and more.


Trak allows users to add annotations to files which have been uploaded. SimPRO does not have this feature.

Share Files

Both apps allow you to share files via email and public share links.


Both Trak and SimPRO allow users to create tasks to help breakup the workload of jobs.

Customisable Statuses

On both Trak and SimPRO you’re able to create and apply custom statuses to your jobs and more!


On Trak, users and clients can add signatures to quotes, reports and SWMS to record their approval. SimPRO’s suggestion is to save an image of a signature and add as an attachment, however, this does not make it legally binding.

Accounting Integrations

Both apps allow you for integrations with MYOB, Xero, and Quickbooks.

Offline Access

Through their mobile app, SimPRO can provide users with offline access, and the data syncs once online again. Trak does not currently have this feature as the app requires an internet connection.

Knowledge Base

Trak and SimPRO offer help guides for all users which provide step-by-step guides on how to use features within the apps.

Support Videos

Both apps offer a series of training videos to help users with the setup and use of their account.

Time Tracking

Both Trak and SimPRO offer comprehensive time tracking capabilities through their timesheets function.

Job Profitability

Trak offers a clean, detailed report of job profitability for each job, factoring in workers timesheets and material costs. SimPRO offers a similar report.

Custom Fields

Both Trak and SimPRO allow you to create custom fields to attach to jobs or clients so you can fully customise your entries.

GPS Tracking

While Trak allows you to track users, contractors and subcontractors via our GPS locator when signing on and off a job, we do not currently offer fleet tracking. Conversely, SimPro offer a fleet tracking service however they do not offer a GPS location for employees when signing on or off a job.

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Apps compared in February 2021.

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