Updates for Permitted Workers in Melbourne

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September 27, 2020

Earlier today, the Victorian State Government announced the relaxing of some of the restrictions implemented to stop the spread of COVID-19. This means that from the 28th of September, approximately 127,000 individuals will be able to return to on-site work, provided they carry a Permitted Worker Permit and the business has a COVID Safe Plan in place. Full details on permitted industries and COVID restrictions and requirements can be found here. Although there were a number of changes to various industries today, those most important for the majority of Trak users are:


  • For large-scale construction businesses, 85% of the total workforce will be able to work (an increase from 25%).
  • For small-scale construction businesses, specialist contractors will be able to visit 5 different sites per week, and up to 2 per day.
  • Early Stage Land Developments will now be able to have up to 20 workers per hectare onsite.

Gardening, Landscaping and Garden Maintenance

  • Are now permitted industries for sole traders.
  • In order to qualify as a permitted worker, the individual’s business needs to be registered with an ABN, the work needs to be entirely outside, contactless and they need to have the ability to complete the work safely while working alone.

Free COVID Safe Templates

If prior to today’s announcement you were already a part of a permitted industry, your COVID Safe Plan should still be valid (although they should be regularly checked to ensure the information provided is relevant). If not, you will need to create one prior to returning to work. Click here to download the official COVID Safe Plan Template. Click here to download the COVID Safe Plan Guidance document. Or, Trak users can click here to add our free COVID Safe Plan, COVID Safe SWMS and COVID Safe Register templates to your account to make storing and editing the documents even easier. You can find details on how to use the templates here.

Permitted Worker Permits

These permits need to be held by any permitted worker at all times when at the job site, and when travelling to and from work. You must also carry a form of identification with you. This form can be printed and signed or signed electronically. The document can also be stored electronically. If the form is completed with false or misleading information and you’re in breach of the Permitted Worker Permit Scheme Directions, you may be liable to penalties up to:

  • $19,826.40 for individuals
  • $99,132.00 for bodies corporate

Click here to download the official Permitted Worker Permit file. Full details on Permitted Worker Permits and eligibility can be accessed here. As always, if any important changes or clarifications are made to permitted workers, we will keep our users updated via email and our blog.

Click here to check out the Trak blog for more articles.

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